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  • May 17, 2021


My name is Steve Graff, and I am the Green Monkey with Green Monkey Promotions. Green Monkey Promotions is, simply put, a provider of promotional products and corporate apparel. We handle anything and everything that you could ever want to put your logo on. We've been in business since 1998 here in Longview. Originally it was Graff-X Marketing. We switched to Green Monkey Promotions about six years ago. We currently have clients in about thirty seven, maybe thirty eight, I kind of miss my count, states and our suppliers and our vendors span the globe. I do business, yes, in China. I do business in Vietnam and Korea. I do business in Canada and Mexico. I've got vendors all over the place. Now here's the key point. Our primary mission is to establish long term personal and professional relationships with our clients to help everybody achieve that mutual level of success and trust in the business. That's our primary goal. That's what we focus on. We help people work to find solutions to all of their branding and promotional needs. Now, let's break all of this down into stuff that you can use, stuff you can take with you back to the office. First, define promotional products. Any item or product that you give to a prospect or a client to promote your business internally or externally is considered a promotional product. Mugs, pens, calendars, hats, shirts, notepads. The list is endless. In fact, a recent study showed that there are currently more than 750,000 unique promotional products available in this market. Also endless is the number of uses for promotional products, business cards, trade show giveaways, awards for employee morale recognition, gift cards, any and all of those are considered promotional products and uses that you can do with those promos that you get. Now, here's the key question for you guys. And why should I use promotional products? What do I need them for? The biggest benefit to promotional products is there's no other marketing strategy that can achieve your desired results as quickly and inexpensively as promotional products. With promotional products, you get an effective, low cost marketing solution for less money than any other method per impression. Some of you in the marketing and business world will understand the impression reference here. If you choose a good product that people would use on a daily basis, they're looking at your logo every time. Please use that product and I'll give you a good example of that: promotional wall calendars. Recent study done by the Promotional Products Association showed that the average promotional wall calendar in an office is looked at more than 4000 times. Nowhere else can you get that high A number of impressions, people seeing your business name in your logo, for less than five bucks. Now, are you trying to build sales and establish good, strong, loyal clientele? Well, let's look at promotional products. Relevant and creative promos are great for doing that prospect's love. You you get an instant rapport when you hand them something free. Who doesn't like getting free stuff? And your existing clients get that sense of family and that sense of loyalty as you hand them. Relevant, targeted promotional items will get to the relevant target here in just a minute. Or are you trying to create a good, strong internal team at your business, employee recognition awards, corporate apparel for your employees? Any kind of widget or tchachki you've got for your employees that has the company name on it helps to instill a sense of pride and a sense of teamwork and makes the team come together more for the ultimate goals of that business. While benefits are pretty awesome for promotional products, product selection is absolutely key. Here's where we get into the relevant and targeted section. Going out and buying a 17 cent cheapo ballpoint pen just because it's got your name on it can be nothing more than a really big waste of money and can often backfire. So picture this. You've spent 17 cents on a thousand ballpoint pens. You hand them out all over the place. Your prospect, who you're trying to sell something to, puts it in his pocket or she puts it in her purse. They get home and discovered that the ink has leaked all out of that. Yeah. What kind of favorable impression have you left on this prospect? And are they likely to do business with you after that? Probably not, unless you're the dry cleaner. Second question is, what was your goal with that pen to begin with? Had you established a target goal for using that ballpoint pen? Was it the correct item of what you wanted to do? The bottom line is that using promotional products should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. But do it right. And to be really effective, it requires a lot of planning, a lot of thought and using an experienced company has been doing it for 20 plus years can really aid the process. So how about a few examples of promotional products that have become iconic, not just in my business, but in our culture in America. Any football fans? What's Pittsburgh Steelers had the terrible towels, that terrible towel, the gold colored towels been going around since nineteen seventy five. It was invented by a sportscaster named Myron Cope, who actually held the copyright on the terrible towel until several years ago. He donated it to a local school up there that serves the developmentally challenged. That school since then has brought in more than five million dollars off that copyright. It is still going strong. A couple of more promotional products that we're all familiar with, the Starbucks travel mug. If you don't have one, you've probably seen one on someone's desk or in their car. How about the foam "number one" finger that was invented by a guy in Ottumwa, Iowa, of all places, at a high school? The original one was paper mâché. They turned to foam and they've sold millions. The Livestrong bracelets, those were huge. And last but not least, one of the most successful promotional items in the history of this industry, like it or not, is the infamous red MAGA hat. They've sold millions of those magazines nationwide. So let me wrap up giving you three things you need to know before you spend a dime on promotional products. And then I'll tell you how Green Monkey fits into the equation. First, know your target audience, who is the proposed end user for this promotional item and why do you want them to have it? You need to know. The second--set specific goals for any promotion you're doing, throwing products around just because you want to give something away with your name on it accomplishes very little. So have an endgame in mind and stick to the plan to get there. And last--know your budget. going in, set it and stick to it. Don't squeeze it too tight or you'll end up giving away that seventeen cent ballpoint pen and sending everybody to see Jason and Justin. So know your budget, now we're Green Monkey fits in. We offer all types of custom printed promotional products and we have the experience and the knowledge to make the right product selection and to use that product properly in your campaign. Secondly, corporate apparel is the Green Monkey's biggest market segment. We can do everything from the inexpensive classic polo or t shirt all the way up to Nike, Hylete, Under Armour, Hilfiger-- pick a name brand. We can do it. Over the last several years we have gotten into the company web store development. We will handle building your company a website to sell their promotional items. We will inventory the items, we will fulfill the orders, handle shipping, do the whole deal. So Green Monkey Promotions is your solution. I hope you've learned a little bit about the promotional marketing world today and about Green Monkey Promotions. Now, we say this a lot out of my office. I want you all to go and have the best day ever!

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