Snail Mail With a Twist!

  • Jul 8, 2020



(10 Items to include with your direct mail piece)


In today’s “COVID Climate”, making our regular face-to-face sales calls is at best difficult, and at worst impossible.  With offices all over the country closed to all outsiders, how can you stay in front of these key clients and maintain your “top of mind” status?

Why not try direct SNAIL mail? 

Everyone is playing the digital game right now.  Email accounts are blowing up with thousands of messages daily.  Are yours being seen?  Are they going straight to the junk file?

Separate yourself from the masses by sending out a nice direct mail piece, but not just an ordinary post card or tri-fold.  Why not send a special promotional gift that will help you stand out from the crowd?

We all get junk snail mail frequently.  Make yours special by including something in the envelope that will set you apart.  Here are 10 suggested items that are functional, cost-effective, and super easy to mail.


1 – Microfiber Masks

With masks becoming mandatory all across the country, why not send one with a cool graphic or theme that your clients would be proud to wear? Whether it’s patriotic, colorful, or something that carries a local flair, sublimated masks can certainly get you noticed!

 2 – Webcam Covers

Number one on our list is imprinted webcam covers because they appeal to such a wide audience. Everyone values privacy, and webcam covers help protect privacy for anyone using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Like all of our mailable items they are slim and lightweight to easily fit in a standard envelope.

3 – Post-it® Notes

Whether at the office or at home, post-its are always useful. Choose brightly colored notes that stand out or industry-specific ones to suit your brand. We offer a variety of styles. For direct mail pieces, however, we recommend choosing a pad that is on the thinner side like one of our many 25-sheet pads.

4 – PopSockets®

If you haven’t heard of PopSockets, check this out now. They are mailed flat and “pop” open when you’re ready to use them. PopSockets function as a cord wrap, media stand and phone/tablet grip all in one product. Try one out, and you’ll be surprised at how functional and helpful these little items actually are. Definitely one of the Green Monkey’s favorites for direct mail campaigns and promotions in general.

5 – Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

From sunglasses and glasses to smartphones, computers and tablets, everyone needs at least one microfiber cleaning cloth. In fact, chances are you’ll need more than one – keep one in the car, one at your desk, and one in your purse or briefcase. That makes these items highly useful because like bookmarks, you can never have too many.

6 – Calendars

There is a lot more to the calendar category of promotional products than the standard wall calendar. While wall calendars are wonderful and useful for writing down appointments, birthdays, etc., many people appreciate a quick glance at a small calendar to simply check days and dates. That’s where magnet, card or stick-on mini calendars come in handy. From doctors and dentists to salons and even mechanics can leave these types of calendars at the desk to help customers plan their next appointment.

7 – Cell Phone Wallets

Green Monkey carries a wide selection of cell phone wallets. From super thin to multifunctional, you’re sure to find one that will fit best with your direct mail campaign. These items offer a unique convenience to your customers as well as a terrific branding opportunity for you. 

8 – Flash Drives

Why not mail a piece of technology that can appeal to everyone? From small, sleek flash drives to whimsical, novelty flash drives, Green Monkey Promotions has exactly what you need to hit home with your target audience in a range of storage capacities and colors.

9 – Mousepads

A mousepad is one of those items that is often overlooked for mailings because of its size; however, with the appropriately-sized envelope it can still offer a powerful promotion. They are flat and lightweight, and incredibly useful as most homes and offices are equipped with computers.

10 – Koozies

Custom can koozies are great for summer mailings. They help keep drinks cold while tailgating, at barbecues or just around the house. No matter how many koozies you have, more are always welcomed. Plus, with many of our koozies, you can choose full-color imprints that will definitely draw attention to your brand. Some koozies can be on the bulkier side, so try to choose one that will lay flat for your direct mail campaign.


Separate yourself from the masses by doing a targeted mailer with a special twist and your clients will not only remember you, they will love you for it!

Call (903) 452-0499 or email the Green Monkey and let us help with your next campaign.


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