Richardson 112--What Now??

  • Jul 8, 2021


Good morning folks, Steve Graff here with Green Monkey Promotions. I wanted to hit you up this morning with a topic that's raging with all of my clients out here in east Texas. And it's basically “what's happened to the Richardson 112”, the most popular hat in this country for the last 10 or so years. They sell millions and millions of them. And now, post pandemic, we can't get our hands on a Richardson 112.

Now, Richardson did post on their dealer website the download for an Excel spreadsheet giving the inventory status of all of their 112’s. I downloaded it and I printed it. And out of all the color combinations they offer in the normal “one size fits most” size, there were ZERO hats in inventory anywhere in this country and most of the backorder dates were saying September, October or even turn of the year. So there's no Richardson 112’s out there. It really hurts some of my clients that have had orders pending since March. I'd get a backorder date of June 1st and then on June 1st, I'd get an update, that the backorder date moved to July 1st and then August. And then now it's on and on and on. Now there's got to be an answer to that. And there really is. There's an easy answer. There are some other options out there in the snapback mesh back trucker cap that, quite frankly, are just as good as the Richardson 112. They just don't have the “R” label on the inside of it. They don't have the Richardson name. But if you're wearing it, first off, you can't tell the difference. Second off, they're probably a little bit nicer, a little more comfortable than what you get out of the Richardson 112’s. I’m working with a client right now on some snapbacks and we've decided to go with a totally custom piece. In fact, here's the sample from one of my vendors. Now, this particular hat is a snap back, it’s got the printed patch on the front with the merrowed edge, it's got three embroidery locations. We're going to embroider the front on the edges, we're going to put the flag on the side, and then even here on the bill, this one, it's kind of hard to see. But you can see a little bit of embroidery right there. We're going to put my client's logo there also. So I've got three embroidery locations. It's an extremely comfortable hat. And here's the punch line--I can do these for the same price or sometimes even less than the traditional Richardson 112. Now, I don't have any earthly idea what the main problem is with the Richardson 112 inventory. It may be completely legitimate that the shipping issues and the production issues due to the pandemic shutdown, I don't know. I do know, however, it's taken forever to get any stock in and we still don't have any. So I can't sell Richardson 112’s for the next several months anyway. So if you buy the Richardson 112 hat, or if your company uses these a lot, hit me up in the messages below. Email me, find my website at and click “contact us”, find me on Facebook. I don't care how you find me, but I've got options that will replace that Richardson 112 and you will be extremely happy with the results. That's all I've got for you this morning. Call me if you need help with any other promotional or corporate apparel items. I am Steve, and I am the Green Monkey. Y’all have the best day ever.

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