Our clients are constantly faced with many options- whether it be what to order, who to order from, or how to use promotional items to promote their business. So, as a sales professional working to win over a prospective client, how do you set yourself apart from the rest? One way is to promote yourself! If you don’t believe in your company, who will?

Self promotion items have the potential to really make a statement. Your prospects like to see the image you present of yourself and your company.  Is it top-notch quality?  Is it super cheap?  Which image to you think reflects more favorably on you and your company?   Below are our three tips to master the self promo.

  1. Don’t JUST put your logo on it

When we begin to think beyond the standard logo decoration, custom items turn into really awesome, memorable keepsakes! Consult your internal art team or let the Green Monkey help to create an inspiring design that speaks to who you are and what you represent. Below is an example of something one marketer came up with. He serves NJ/NY area and was looking for a creative way to promote his business in the region. Now THAT’S a self promo to be remembered!

  1. Plan ahead to leave behind self promos at meetings

We all sit in countless meetings throughout the year, but there’s a few things you can do to really stand out when you’re touching base with a current or potential client. “Leave-behinds” at meetings act as a gift to show your appreciation for their time and as an advertisement that lasts! Be sure the self promo you leave behind represents your brand and your team's creative abilities… okay, and maybe some contact information. Below are two examples from sales professionals who obviously know how to make an impression.  We love the use of color and geometric patterns on the bags!

  1. Don’t forget the unboxing experience

We know first impressions are everything. That’s why at Green Monkey Promotions we go above and beyond to make sure most of our products come in unique, retail-inspired packaging that gives the item inside a higher perceived value and better unboxing experience. If you choose to show a self promo to a client, don’t forget how important the unboxing experience can be. 

 Since 1998, Steve Graff (a.k.a. the Green Monkey) at Green Monkey Promotions has been a leader in helping businesses select targeted, cost effective, and industry relevant promotional items and corporate apparel that truly set them apart from the competition.  As a Certified Advertising Specialist (C.A.S.), the Green Monkey combines the discipline and drive learned while serving in the military with an absolute dedication to staying on top of the latest promotional trends and practices that can elevate any organization to achieve that “top of mind” awareness among their clients.