Green Monkey Marketing Tip #2

  • May 6, 2021


Hi, folks, Steve, the Green Monkey here with another marketing tip. This one came to me kind of out of the blue, or actually out of the mail. Being in the promotional products business, I get a lot of samples from vendors that I don't use or that are in other parts of the country that I've never heard of. Yesterday, I received a sample of a ballpoint pen. Now, ballpoint pens typically are pretty boring little promotional item, but they're a lot like business cards. They're kind of a staple and every company needs a ballpoint pen with their name on it because you're going to get people that ask for it. You're going to leave one at the bank and somebody is going to pick it up. And who knows what kind of exposure you can get from it. The problem with this one yesterday was I pulled it out of the package, I clicked it to see how it would write and it fell apart in my hand. The quality was trash. Now, it was extremely cheap. I could have bought a thousand of them for about one hundred and fifty bucks and been good to go with those pens. My issue there is if I've got a thousand pens that are going to fall apart in the hands of the people who pick them up, that's going to reflect on me and my business and the quality that I portray with the products that I deal in. Check your stuff--do the promotional items you use reflect the image that you really want the public to know about you? Does it show the kind of quality and the kind of service that you offer to your clientele? Or are you just buying the 15 cent pen because it's cheap and you think you need one? Quality is important. That doesn't mean you have to spend 20 dollars per pen. You can get nice stuff out there for less than a dollar. Still good quality. Still get your name out as much as you need it with a ballpoint pen. But think about the quality of the items you're doing. If you're looking to get new stuff, maybe get a sample first and write with it, click it, make sure it doesn't fall apart, make sure doesn't leak in your pocket. If you end up with a big ink spot on your shirt and ruin it, that's not going to make anybody happy. So check a sample out. We'll do that for you here at Green Monkey Promotions. Look us up online at You can contact us there. We've got a phone number on the website, the emails in there. Holler at us at any time. We'll help you find the right products for you. Thanks and have a great day.

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