Green Monkey Marketing Tip #1

  • Apr 19, 2021


Hi, folks. Steve, the Green Monkey here with the first in an ongoing series of short promotional marketing tips you can use to grow sales, increase your margins and maintain a strong, loyal client base for years to come. Today, we're going to talk about insurance. Not car, home, health or life insurance, but Client Loyalty Insurance.

Let your clients know that you value them and that you haven't forgotten them after that first sale by starting a campaign of sending your clients an occasional promotional item. Everyone likes getting free stuff. Monthly, quarterly, twice a year, whatever is appropriate in your business and with your client base will work, but be consistent.

Everyone loves getting free stuff. Make sure you send them a rain gauge, a pizza cutter, a nice notepad with a pen combo, whatever it is, try to make sure it's not a cheap fall apart tchotchke that's going to end up in a kitchen junk drawer somewhere. Make it something they will actually use so they see your logo over and over, but also something of value to them. So whether your logo's on it or not, they're going to want to have it.

This simple act of giving earns you top of mind awareness and often triggers that next order or that next sale. When they see your logo on there, it has a way of sparking memories of something they've forgotten to do, which leads to the phone call, which leads to the sale.

Thanks for listening. Tune in next time for our next Green Monkey marketing tip. Now go out and have the best day ever.

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