Christmas Logoed Ideas!

  • Sep 14, 2021



Good morning, folks. Steve, the Green Monkey here. Merry Christmas. I know as I'm recording this it's September 14th, so we're not even near Christmas, but it's time to start thinking about what you're going to do for those key clients, those key employees, those special Christmas gifts that you'll send out. And you want your logo somewhere on them, somewhere in the message. Now I'm going to caution you--if you send a Christmas card with a ballpoint pen inside it, you will have shot that one in the foot. Major No-No. Don't do that.  Just because you have it on the shelf and it's got your logo does not make it a meaningful, good Christmas gift.

But I'm going to come to your rescue here. There's no reason that you have to go buy 100, or 250 or 500 high-dollar Christmas items to send out when you might only need one or five or 10. We have an entire line of extremely high quality, nice gift-level, executive-level products that you can order ONE AT A TIME with your logo on it,  no set up charges and if needed, we can even drop ship those for you to your end user, the client that you're going to tell Merry Christmas to. Now, I prefer handing them out personally and giving them that message face to face, but I also have a lot of clients out of state that I'm not going to be able to visit through the holidays. So, I will be drop shipping quite a bit and put in a nice little touch on all the items. I'll show you a couple of the items that I've got sitting here on the desk. The first one I have, and I use this. This is the Fletcher portfolio. It's actually a fake leather. It's not real, but it's hard to tell. It's really a nice one. It's got my logo laser engraved on the front here. Open it up. You've got pockets for business cards, pins. You've got a notepad in here. This is a great gift for that key client or that extra special employee that you've got that works there and you want to reward them and give them something meaningful. Now, one thing, when you're doing this for employees, putting your logo on it helps to build team loyalty, and it helps build that esprit de corps within the company, and it motivates that employee to work for the company and towards the greater goals that you've set forward for that company. Now here's another one that I've got. This is called the Finley Mills pack. It's got a padded laptop sleeve and it's got lots of pockets. I use this one every day. It's got my logo laser etched on it. Comfortable here. It's got some nice straps in it. Once again, you can order them one at a time. No set up charge. We can drop ship those to your favorite customers or employees, and that takes care of your Christmas. There are a couple other items that really send a good message to the right person. There are some Bluetooth speakers we can put your logo on it. There are some travel kits that look really nice. There are a couple of different portfolios we can show you options for, and I'll put some links for those down in the comments on this deal. But if you have any questions about it, hit me up. Find my website at Green Monkey Promotions dot com. Find us on Facebook, find us on LinkedIn. Send me a message I'd love to chit chat with you about it. And that's the way these need to start. They need to start with that face to face or at least on the phone communication, so we can figure out what our objective is and an attack it in the right way. So, I want you to go out and enjoy your day. Have a great merry Christmas, I guess.

This is Steve the Green Monkey, now go have the best day ever!


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