4 Steps to a Successful Promotional Products Campaign

  • Jun 16, 2020

Most promotional products are bought with very little thought as to what results are desired from their use.  The common thoughts revolve around how “cool” an item is or just the ego trip of seeing a logo on something that the sales staff can give away in their daily travels.  Promotional products, however, are an extremely valuable tool to use with marketing campaigns and should be chosen to achieve a specific goal or, at the very least, enhance a campaign that uses other forms of media to further the company’s mission.

 There are components of an effective promotional product campaign that must be met to ensure that campaign is successful. Here are a few things you should consider when planning a promotional product campaign, or using promotional products as a “value add” to an existing program:

·         What end results are you aiming for with the campaign? Do you want prospects to find your website or visit your store? Are you just looking to establish “top of mind” awareness with a branding campaign?  Establishing the campaign’s goals will help guide your promotional product selections and overall strategy.

·         Who is the main target for the campaign?  “Aim small, miss small” is a good way to think about the demographics and the targeting of the promotion.  For example, your company may have established multiple buyer personas, but is there a specific consumer group or demographic you are trying to target with this campaign?

·         Procrastination is your enemy. Waiting until the last minute rarely leads to a successful end-result in promotional marketing.  Make sure you leave sufficient time for samples, ordering the products, and distributing the promotional items to the targeted consumers.

·         Decide on your message, then decide again. What message are you wanting this promotion to deliver?  Think about this carefully, write it down, then walk away from it for a bit.  When you come back to it, is it still the right message?  Once your items are printed and delivered, you can’t change it, so make sure you get this part fine-tuned up front!


These four tips are the things we think about with every client at Green Monkey Promotions.  The best (and easiest!) way to handle a new promotional product campaign is to call us and let us help.  With 20+ years of doing this, we have the experience, knowledge, and resources to make your next marketing campaign the most successful one yet!



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