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  • Christmas Logoed Ideas!

    Christmas Logoed Ideas!

    Transcript: Good morning, folks. Steve, the Green Monkey here. Merry Christmas. I know as I'm recording this it's September 14th, so we're not even near Christmas, but it's time to start thinkin...

  • How to Buy the Perfect Promotional Items

    How to Buy the Perfect Promotional Items

    Transcript: Good morning, I am Steve Graff, aka “The Green Monkey”, of Green Monkey Promotions. Right up front, please forgive the notes. If it looks like I’m reading some o...

  • Hydrate in Style!

    Hydrate in Style!

    Gift season is right around the corner, and if you’re buying gifts for large groups of people, you’ll want something everyone can enjoy. Drinkware is an easy choice. There are no genders, ...

  • Promote Yourself!

    Promote Yourself!

    Mastering the Self Promo Our clients are constantly faced with many options- whether it be what to order, who to order from, or how to use promotional items to promote their business. So, as a sale...

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Steve Graff IS Promotional Products in East Texas. If you have a junk drawer w/ pens in it you most likely have 10 of his products already. Clips for your chips, hats, any imprinted thing you can imag...

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